We have a pretty cool magic skill for you that will not only land you up in you clearing your next dream job interview but will also boost up and increase the chances of your promotion. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the most undervalued and often misunderstood skill that powers career success- Soft Skills. No matter whether you are a Tech-savvy IT engineer, a Scientific Newton or a Marketing Genius, Soft skills at the workplace plays an increasingly crucial role in deciding your future. To sum up in one line: What soft skills are? Soft skills are personal attributes that influence how well you can work or interact with others. In fact, according to Forbes 94% of recruiters believe that top-notch soft skills outweigh experience when it comes to promotion to leadership positions. 

Here’s the thing- In a hard world post-pandemic, employers are looking for candidates who are not only capable in their respective competency (hard skill) but who can also fit into the company culture and interact with other employees. Business after is all is a mere play of words coupled with your hard competency. Hence, after knowing how incredibly important these power skills are and how they can aid us in thriving in our corporate ladder, let’s dig deeper into it and understand what are the TOP 7 Soft Skills list that you need to inculcate in your professional life and make your resume stand out or perhaps attend the eyeballs of everyone around you IMPORTANCE OF SOFT SKILLS Close your eyes for a minute? 

Imagine working at an office where people are badly glued to their workstations doing their respective share of work be it researching, coding, AI, playing, or correcting their excel sheets, no one on earth is engaging in meaningful interactions with anyone, no one is even willing to help a new intern in making them learn the ropes, or perhaps the worst could be - people are whining and incessantly complaining about their coworker. Office Politics- You See? Were you able to analyze and imagine how chaotic and disorganized the environment would have looked to an outsider? 

Not only had it led to a tremendous drop in the productivity level of each of the employees that the company has hired but it had also made the whole ambience dead and monotonous. Who would like to work at such an organization where there is an absence of smooth and steady flow and the employees are just trying to complete and finish their daily hour commitment? This is where the power of soft skills at work gets an upper hand. While your technical skills may get your foot in the door, your people skills are what open most of the doors to come. Your work ethic, your attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence, and a whole host of other personal attributes are the soft skills that are crucial for career success as well as enhance your personal life. 

To make it crystal clear, visualize you going to a doctor? Would you like to visit a physician who just merely treats you like a number in his long queue of daily patients, minting money from you or someone who is upbeat, an active listener, and clears all your queries and apprehensions? This is how strong the power of these soft skills are. They can literally make or break your career. 

The 7 Soft Skills You Need in Today’s Workforce 

1. Communication Skills: We cannot emphasize how important communication is. A good communicator is well versed in both verbal and non-verbal communication. ( We’ll give a backlink to verbal and non-verbal communication)If you are someone who is blessed with excellent communication skills, we can bet you might have a good network of people. Good Communication Skills help you build lasting relationships with your co-worker, boss or even pitching in an idea to your clients. Life is merely a play of words, my dear. You will surely be a hot ticket for your boss if you are a pro at expressing the what, when, and how of your project/presentation. 

2. Teamwork: Ever Wondered How Amazon grabbed a large share in the market? Well, let us open your eyes. The reason behind their success is that their employees work with synergy and help each other every now and then. Ingrain in your mind- A company’s success is never a result of one particular person but rather the combined energy of all the employees working as one unit to bring out the best for their potential customers. HR’s are in the hunt for people who are extremely amiable and can create a friendly work culture. Protip: Try to work in a group dynamic environment and collaborate with people every now and then. 

3. Adaptability: Post-COVID, Adaptability will literally top the skill setlist that companies would be demanding/ searching for. In fact, this coronavirus has taught us the meaning of adaptability in a true sense. In a fast-changing era, every organization needs to take rapid decisions to defeat its competitors. They are looking for candidates that are not only proactive but can change gears and demonstrate a willingness to take on responsibilities that might lay outside their area of expertise. Jack of all Trades, You see! 

4. Problem-Solving Skills: What do we humans do when we have our faceoff with a problem? Either Complain or Look at the feasible solutions? Lucky are those, who look at the latter option with a mature outlook. Every company across the world has its own set of problems, glitches or any other stumbling block that is blocking their path to success? Companies are looking for people who can formulate feasible solutions to pressing issues that are cropping up in the company. Pro Tip: Always Approach Your Boss with A Practical Solution, Instead of Narrating the Problem. We guarantee you, your soft skill resume will incredibly shine if you are someone who is well versed at problem-solving. 

5. Leadership: The famous Jack Welch rightly said “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” A great leader has the power to influence their co-workers and extract the best from them. leading your team with confidence and a strong vision will not only increase visibility but will also bring you close to your next promotions/ salary increment. Protip: Never leave any opportunity to showcase your leadership skills, who knows which leadership anecdote might become handy in your next job interview? 

6. Work Ethic: Companies usually expect you to be responsible and do every possible thing that your expertise demands. Be it learning new skills, having a growth mindset, and sometimes shelling extra hours for them if needed. People who usually show an urge to go the extra mile for their organization have higher chances of getting promoted. This is primarily one of the best soft skills examples that one can learn. Protip: Stop cutting corners, scrambling deadlines, and work with utmost dedication and punctuality. We are telling you, nothing is a waste. Everything gets noticed and recorded. 

7. Emotional Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence or EQ is an individual’s “ability to recognize, understand, manage, and reason with emotions.” This soft skill has become so crucial that 75 percent of hiring managers surveyed reported valuing EQ over IQ. It basically includes Self Awareness, Self-regulation, High Empathy Level, And Motivation. To explain with an example, you must know how to stay quiet or maintain your equanimity when you are receiving a beating/scolding. Interview Panelists usually put up some interesting incidents to screen your EQ level. Protip: Go check your EQ level here. To reiterate all this further, as per​Mckinskey Reports​-"As workers interact with ever-smarter machines,​the demand for these soft skills is beginning to surge". Wondering where you can learn these essential​soft skills? Well, haters will tell you they cannot be learned. But No No That’s a Trap. We at SkillBuzz Make you work ready by trying to bring you closer to your dream job. Our soft skills trainers​are experts in their field and the course is extremely student-friendly Now, bid adieu to those dreadful office/college presentations with our Business Communication/ Personality Development Course.​ 

We assure you that this would be the best investment that you can ever gift yourself with. What’s more? You even get a certificate and a hands-on practical exposure while working on a dummy project. All this without burning a hole in your pocket. Intriguing and Unbelievable? Isn’t it? Share this with one of your friends who turns all blue and nervous even at the mention of the term “Interview” by clicking on the Share Button!

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