You can notice the large gap between the amount of data and how much data can scientists process and even between the data that machines can process and derive value from a data scientists This creates a huge growing demand for data scientists, not in the future but right now as a business's success and failure can depend on how well it interprets and acts on the available data. The high demand has led to companies filling jobs with individuals who lack the required education or experience in the field; in the long term, this can work as people without relevant qualifications will become experts as they gain experience and learn while doing the job.

Data Science in Marketing - Metaphorically, data and machine learning for us in the 21st century are what electricity was to the late 1800s. Having data and machine learning as a strategy is not a one and done; it is a means to derive insights. Of course, like every other field, marketing tasks can also be automated, but there always will exist room for human perspective. With skyrocketing demand for data scientists and comprehensive customer data available to companies to optimize, now is the best time to build your skills and pursue a career as a Marketing Data Scientist.

Marketing Data scientist - Job Role - Generating perspective insights, strategic insights to improve marketing effectiveness. Make decisions and predictions by using predictive casual analysis. - A/B testing, to ensure that the best-performing version of a campaign receives investment - Exploratory data analysis - Communicating results to less technically minded stakeholders, advising and assisting management, making them understand organizational data.

Required skills for a career as a marketing scientist- SQL - Data Visualization using Tableau, PowerBi, etc., to help communicate messages buried in Data - Machine learning in Python and R - People skills, to collaborate with other working professionals in the management.
To make it crystal clear, visualize you going to a doctor? Would you like to visit a physician who just merely treats you like a number in his long queue of daily patients, minting money from you or someone who is upbeat, an active listener, and clears all your queries and apprehensions? This is how strong the power of these soft skills are. They can literally make or break your career. 

How to Prepare ?

If this article piqued your interest and you want to get trained in this exxciting field, listed below are resources to help you get started with data science. 

Accelarate your learning by gaining exposure to key technologies including R, Tableau, Hadoop, Business Communication learn everything like email writing, formal communication, interpersonal skills & more.

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