No matter whether you read novels, various articles, read biographies, watch documentaries, go through inspirational videos, watch movies or listen to interviews of people, one has to be fluent and speed in reading too. Whether it is fictional, thriller, romance, non-fictional or it may be any other genre, one must consistently develop the idea of reading every day. Reading well takes time, practice and patience. Thus, reading is not only meant for studying but it is an exercise of the mind which keeps us fresh, smart and little better than people around us. Every book that we start learning gives us different views and help us think rationally. From learning new things to exploring new ideas, from increasing your knowledge to making you smarter, from giving valuable lessons to improving your focus and concentration, reading books always helps us in various ways. Every book that you read helps you grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically. In this blog, let’s discuss the importance of reading and how to improve one’s reading skills.

Firstly, let us know the importance of reading: We always tend to read before understanding why actually we want to read. There could be many reasons why one wants to read. Some read to reduce stress, some read for mental peace, some read to improve their skills and the list goes on. Above these all the main importance of reading is as follows:

1.It improves your brain function- Reading is the best exercise of our brain. It helps to increase memory power. One can feel relaxed and chill by watching Netflix, but regularly reading helps you grow internally and refresh your mind, body and soul.

2.Being lonely will not bother you anymore- If you are a vivid read, then I need not emphasize on how books tend to be your best friend over a time. Where ever you go, your book is always with you, anytime and at anyplace. They will never judge you or leave you alone, in fact they don’t complain or nor do they have any demands. All they want is our time to read.

3.Gives you the motivation that you want- Sometimes it happens that you feel very demotivated for any reason and lose all the hopes and positivity. At this time, a great inspirational or motivational book will help you push in the right direction. This will also help us stay positive and grow towards our goal.

4.It gives you joy, happiness and pleasure- Once you know what genre you like to read, there’s no going back. It gives you immense joy to read more and more every time. We don’t have to depend on someone to be happy and pleased. One good book is enough to make you feel enough and content.

Lastly, some famous persons like Warren Buffet is a perfect example who utilized the power of reading to start his own career. During an interview, warren buffet was asked about the key to success, he simply gave all the credits to the books. He would approximately read 600-700 pages every day. He also tells he spends more than 60 percent of his day reading. This man today is in top 10 richest person in the world and also famously known as no.1 investor. From this, we learn it’s never too late for anything. It depends on us how we want to start, when we want to start and how serious we are about our decision to improve upon it. Take baby steps each day until it becomes a regular practice. I hope this gives you little motivation and hope to work on it. What are you waiting for? Let’s get on work to improve our reading skills real soon…

Watch the video below and start improving your reading skills by knowing the best books to read for knowledge and skill building

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