Social Media Marketing

An average person spends almost 150 minutes a day on Social Media. So, what best way can there be to get your attention rather than on these platforms. You must have come across many annoying ads while watching videos or stories on YouTube, Instagram, etc. Yes, there are ads which can be really useful too. When you need a gift for someone close to you, the smart algorithms will get you many promotions showing you many unique gift items. These promotions which we do not ask for but somewhere down the line useful to us are because of Social Media Marketing. Want to know more? let’s jump into it and get fair knowledge in just a 3min read.

So, what is Social Media Marketing? Technically speaking, it is promoting a product or service using social media platforms and websites. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more come under social media platforms. Many are preferring to use paid marketing as SEO is slowly being dominated. In paid marketing, the best way to reach the desired customers is through Social Media Marketing.

Most of them have built-in analytics tools making it easy for promoters/companies to measure their success, engagement of campaigns, etc. One has to pay some amount to run these as campaigns on these platforms. The amount to be paid varies on how large you want your reach to be. There are many factors that play a crucial role in getting customers for you.

Social Media Strategies are something that is used by many to reach a maximum number of customers with minimum money spent. Some of these strategies can be to:

    1. Create a personalized experience for the consumers – If your product mix has multiple products, show the target audience a product which they would want to buy or try. Showing a kitchen item to a teenager is a waste of money.

    2. Create efficient content – Just running ads with some words won’t help, the content needs to be engaging so that if someone starts watching or reading the promotion should go to your website or make a purchase. Keep it emotional, funny, nostalgic to give yourself an edge.

    3. Use Chatbots – If no one is there to answer the queries of the customer, there are high chances of not buying the product/service.

    4. Keep posting new content – If the page is not active, slowly the users will forget about your company. You should always keep the users engaging with interesting content.

    5. Use Influencers – There are many influencers called Social Media Influencers who have many followers who are your potential audience. Use these influencers to promote your product/service as their followers listen to them with a high conversion rate.

    6. Establish a budget – Set a limit to spend. You need to plan your promotions based on your expenditure.

    7. Run Cross channel Campaigns – Don’t give away all the information at one go, create a sense of curiosity, interest in them so that they click the link wanting to know more. The link may be a landing page where you sell your product/service, other social media platforms, etc.

    8. Create a community – A page where all your customers can share their experiences or doubts. This helps in increasing sales. The more information they get from the users, the more confident they will be.

    Competition is heating up and everyone is in the game learning this skill. It is something that can get you good salaries too. The basic Social Media Marketing salary package is around 6 Lakhs in India and it goes as high as 60 Lakhs. So why don’t you start off by taking a course today? We at SkillBUZZ provide a course on Digital Marketing at a very low price. Learn Social Media Marketing along with Digital Marketing. Many are registering every day to learn the unique content we provide. Click here to check it out.

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